Pure Kush Ganja Review By jimmyinspazZz

Pure Kush is a phenotype of OG Kush. OG Kush is a combination of Chemdawg X {Lemon Thai X Hindu Kush} (probably).

Sleepy, medicinal and not so much a recreational ‘party’ cannabis. Not much room for play after this cannabis takes effect. Not nearly as tasty as her counterpart, but she does that job effectively even without the intense euphoria I love so much.

Buds are big and fluffy really perfuming the room after breaking the flower open. Still not much to gawk at for aroma or flavor. Smoke is gentle and not heavy on coughing which our lungs prefer.

On both occasions Pure Kush ended up in my paws it was middle shelf ganja. Around $7 a gram with THC percentage in the lower 20% range with a little under 1% CBD.

Overall Pure Kush is awesome for pain relief, insomnia and eating disorders. As with many sleepy indicas the munchies come as a side effect or benefit of partaking. This cannabis strain is 100% indica and bred by Green House Seeds.

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