Comparing lineage for several ganja strains with the words purple and cookies in them.

Purple GSC Lineage:

Blue Cookies X Purple Kush

To add to this confusion that there is Purple Space Cookies which is bit easier to distinguish. No doubt they have added more strains with these words since with so many new types of ganja appearing all the time.

Purple Space Cookies Lineage:

Purple Kush X Space Bomb


GSC X Granddaddy Purple 

Purple Cookies cannabis strain and Purple GSC or Purple Girl Scout Cookies both have very similar names.  It would be easy to mix them up when making a decision in a dispensary if not seeing them side by side.

Purple Cookies Lineage:

GSC X Unknown Purple 

Luckily for the most part all three of these strains have similar effects being middleground leaning indica.  The taste of the Purple Cookies stood out the most for me being verys oft like flower petal with a nice bite at the end. 

The Purple Space Cookies got me the most stoned with the PGSC being perfect joint material. My opinion is that sensimilla with the words purple and cookies in title are all worth a toke.  Or three =)


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