Purple Gorilla Cannabis Review by jimmyinspazZz

Vigorous Sense Of Euphoria
Purple Gorilla is a good smoke. That it skews toward the indican side is definite, but there is a vigorous sense of euphoria underneath the relaxation. The buzz never laid on too thick even after smoking a few bowls which can be a positive or a negative depending. Good herb for taking to a party for these reasons.
Hybrid Great For Novice 
The kind of hybrid that might be used for a someone trying pot for the first time. Flavor is nothing overly exciting. There is a sweetness very similar to grape with the spicier overtones of fennel mixing in. It is a nice taste, but would be nice if the Purple Kush pushed through nore in the final flavor.
My Love For Purple Kush Shows
Smoke is a bit on the harsher end. Buds were purple. Go figure!! Compared to prettier purples like Black Cherry Soda or Starberry even the color was nothing to jump up and down about. Mediocre but would def but again for 5 bucks a gram. If those Purple Kush genetics push through a little more in someones grow I would pay way more.
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