Purple Trinity Cannabis


Lineage:Purple Kush X Trinity

Purple Trinity cannabis is a mellow mixture of indica Purple Kush with sativa Trinity. 

Purple Kush has light smoke, heavy indica feeling buzz and tastes like flowers.  Trinity is a thick smoke with spicy taste and a happy sativa high which is not anxious in nature.

Very Mellow & Medicinal

Purple Trinity cannabis is not a completely sleepy trip, but it is very mellow.  There is a strong body high with this ganja strain.  Awesome as medicine for cramps or as a muscle relaxant.  Minor headache relief mostly because it provides a strong feeling of relaxation. 

After a half an hour this sensation grows pretty steadily into sleep making this a good strain for insomnia.  Coupled with a cup of coffee though this sensimilla takes on a much more creative tone. 

Flavor Reminds Of Another Strain Candyland

Smoke is a little bit rough on the throat.  Otherwise this is a wonderful cannabis strain with a nice sweet and spicy terpene profile.  The flavor reminded of Candyland a sativa dominant strain with different effects.Purple Trinity jimmyinspazzz (4)

jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Purple Trinity at Twenty After Four Wellness on 420 Blair BLVD in Whiteaker Eugene Oregon


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