Raspberry Kush Cannabis

By jimmyinspazZz

Raspberry Kush Cannabis

Raspberry (sometimes Razzberry) Kush is a combination of ‘Raspberry’ cannabis and ‘OG Kush’ making slightly indica dominant 60/40 ganja.

Raspberry Kush


Beautiful Darker Ganja Buds Taste Berry Sweet

This strain of sensimilla has a wonderful sweet taste just like a juicy raspberry. Raspberry Kush buds are beautiful for the deep darker colors of bud this strain produces.  Moist and dense with a bit too much moisture for most joints or blunts unless thoroughly dried first.  Otherwise this ganja strain tends to last a long time and a bowl can go a very long way.

Amazing Trichomes With Moist Bud; Not Best For Joints; Sticky Moist Long Lasting Burn Great For Parties

That is why this strain is good for large crowds or parties.  A coating of trichomes crystals to knock any stoners dome off.  Pain relief in mild to moderate area with a tame munchie so not the best for eating disorders.  If moderately used this kush can be functional for everyday tokers.

Not good for depression Due To Groggy Hangover


Raspberry Kush is not very good for depression in my eyes due to a slight hangover of the high which can keep folks a bit groggy or spaced next day.  This effect although good for hyperactivity tends to exacerbate depression starting a cycle of downtime otherwise non existent.   From personal experience that start of a cycle can last for a long time if not kept in check.

Leaving Opinion Of Buzz Out For Later Post About ADHD/ADD


My opinion about the Raspberry Kush buzz will be left off the table.  This is a great strain for the majority of folks whom are friends adore this strain.  My viewpoint is through a perspective which will be spoke of in a later blog post.  No doubt my issue is personal to ADD/ADHD, but not me specifically.  Anyone with ADD/ADHD diagnosed and self medicates with by cannabis should keep eyes peeled for that post.  

jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Raspberry Kush at Emerald City Medicinal, Nodak Green Prairie and Moss Crossing all in Eugene Oregon since recreational cannabis became legal in Oregon.

If Raspberry Kush is a strain which you or a friend enjoys check out Marionberry Kush which is a cross of Raspberry Kush and Space Queen.  Raspberry Lemonade shares a similar flavor although a sativa leaning effect.




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