Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade cannabis has a remarkably sweet taste with a funky tart. Almost makes my lips pucker on the green hit so much fruity goodness.  

The flower itself is dense and crisp when breaking the bud apart.  With ease this sticky on the outside breaks into a fine texture that burns steady giving a perfect toke every time.


Euphoric Lazy Sativa


Although a sativa this strain is very mellow jello with little to no anxiety.  It is a lazy sativa for me unlike Pineapple or Hawaiian which makes me wanna clean the house.    The buzz comes with moderate munchies and also moderate pain relief.

Both my Raspberry Lemonade experiences tasted and felt the same albeit having different lineages.  The first batch was Raspberry X Lemonade which makes sense.  Second does not really compute as similar being Lemon Skunk X Cookies & Cream although doing the research it is clear the Lemon Skunk dominates.

What is really fascinating is that the same combination of Lemon Skunk X Cookies & Cream both sativa dominate is another strain I really like.  Lemon Meringue has the same exact lineage although there is slight difference in taste and buzz.  It is amazing that just slight variations in how ganja is grown can have such a strong impact on final product. 


Dessert Strains Of Cannabis

Raspberry Lemonade is what jimmyinspazZz calls a dessert weed for the overwhelming tasty terpenes these buds put off.  Great for mixing with strains that do not taste so good or have a low THC content.  Other strains jimmyinspazZz calls ‘dessert strains’ are Blue Dragon, Blackberry Cheesequake or Blue City Diesel.

Both times I partaken in some of this strain the THC percentage was over 24% getting my head a buzz.  Sativa Dominant with a euphoria so strong that it is easy to just let go and be happy doing nothing.  We do need that sometimes especially in this fast internet world we live in which leaves so little time for old fashioned daydreaming.


Love For Quality Growers Of Ganja

As time goes on learning more about the science behind sensimilla there is a much stronger respect and appreciation for excellent green thumb breeders and growers.  Not as common as you would think with so many folks growing for money only very few have mastered the art.  It really shows in the quality so thank you for honing those skills and passions for cannabis =)



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