Rebel Berry Ganja

By jimmyinspazZz

Sativa Leaning Member Of OG Kush Family Which Tastes Awesome

Rebel Berry ganja is a tasty sativa leaning hybrid.  Family to the OG Kush strain this strain was bred in fabulous Eugene Oregon by Rebel Spirit cannabis.  My personal favorite strain that they have created is Thunderbird Rose.  If anyone has a chance try either of these awesome strains.

This clone only cannabis strain took 1st place for outdoors at Oregon Growers Cup in 2016,

jimmyinspazzz purchased this cannabis strain Rebel Berry at Flower Of Lyfe and Eugreen Wellness Center in downtown Eugene Oregon.  If Rebel Berry sounds good another strain with similar taste is Lemon Sour Berry which is a middle ground indica 60/40.  Equally tasty if  sativas are not your cup of weed =)

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