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Lineage: Co Flo X Sour Dubble

This strain is phenomenal all around. Meets all of the criteria for a perfect flower in my book. Starting with a flavor different than any other strain I have tried before which is awesome. Adding to that is how enjoyable that flavor is with a strange bite on the end of it.

Rocky Dennis Is A Phenomenal Strain

Smoked on some pre-rolls of this all day before finding out. With a blind eye there was an endless amount of possibilities with every puff taken. On the inhale there is a sweet fresh taste much like the morning dew in the spring. When the mornings start to get warmer leaving the feeling of stepping out into the winter dread behind.

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Unique Worcestershire Sauce Taste On Exhale With Multi Layered Long Lasting Buzz

Exhale is where it is at laying a very unique Worcestershire sauce/diesel-like taste that sticks on taste buds for a few seconds. Have not seen the flower yet, but am excited to go back down to Emerald City Medicinal to see if any flower is left. At almost 24% there were high hopes for a good buzz which was exactly what this flower offered. The many layers that this high took on was truly the phenomenal element of Rocky Dennis. With a steady head high going the entire time my body never wanted for anything.  Very pleasant.

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Body & Mind United, ADHD Calmed

Body & mind seemed to unite. In this unity there was a strong level of comfort which aided creativity. ADHD was calmed big time.  Not a continual need to find something else to do or the jones to just get higher usually resulting in a sleep coma. This is another strain to put on the “hybrids that blend well” list. This one deserves extra special accolades though being so undeniably flavorful with a strong constitution of a buzz to back those terpenes up. 

jimmyinspazZz purchased a pre-roll of sensimilla strain Rocky Dennis at Emerald City Medicinal which is located at 1474  W. 6th St in Eugene Oregon

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