Rooftop Garden In Downtown Eugene Oregon

In the mid 2000’s was when my true passion for plants was seeded.  Living in downtown Eugene Oregon on 10th and Mill in a big four story house which used to be a funeral home.

My apartment was on the top floor and was the lone penthouse with only neighbors below.  Almost 7 years lived in a beautiful neighborhood wedged in between the University of Oregon and downtown Eugene.

It was 2 years into my residence when a landscaping job offered different plants on a daily basis as a bonus.  My full time job working at the hospital always had extra full 4.5 gallon pickle containers. Watching dozens of plants be thrown into daily was painful.  Growing up next to a large landfill it was common knowledge of the methane gas produced by our waste.  Not to mention how easy it is to avoid such toxic results by composting or other uses to trashing carbon based materials. As well the excess pickle containers too big for recycling would have found way to landfill.  It only made sense to use the barrels for planting beautiful things on a otherwise barren grey rooftop.  Western Oregon is grey with clouds as it is plus plants thrive on this states fabulous soil, moisture and perfect sun when it shows.

Here are some pictures of my first garden on the roof.  Many of these plants still exist just in different locations traveling with me.  Now it seems hard to think of a life without a garden to play in.

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