Royal Salute by jimmyinspazZz

Royal Salute is simple cannabis. A cross between 2013 Royal Sour and Long Valley Secret Sauce with a sativa dominant 80/20 edge bred by Aficionado Seeds.

Sour Diesel Taste Fast Buzz

Buds are tight medium sized with no strong or distinct odor. Tastes similar to Sour Diesel with semi harsh smoke that invokes coughing. Buzz is felt more hybrid than Sativa passing pretty fast. About an hour tops per session so good for a quick passing high.

I’ll be honest, might be slightly prejudiced due to the taste being so familiar like Sour D which often brings on headaches for me. Me personally though don’t let that buys you because I know a lot of people that use Sour Diesel to take away their headaches. Royal Salute is budget cannabis at around 5 bucks a gram so it has a place in market for those of us with little money at end of month.



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