Sativa Leaning Cannabis Characteristics by jimmyinspazZz Photography

 Sativa strains cause user to feel a more focused and animated buzz.  These strains or those leaning sativa dominant, known as “heady” compared to indica‘s  “stony, stoney, stoneee” body high.  Cannabis Sativa (close to equator) have been around longer than indicas (higher elevations) who morphed from their predecessors in colder conditions.

Indicas tend to be shorter and bushier causing a sedation or ‘couch lock’ stoney buzz.  Here are some more sativa characteristics:

  • Animated Buzz like having movie reel vision
  • More alert than indicas
  • More of a “Heady” high as opposed to “body” high
  • Not as medicinal, except for in cases of migraines, ADHD/ADD, and sometimes depression depending on anxiety level and also if the “come down” doesn’t hang over
  • Plant itself grows tall and thin producing buds with higher yields, but lower THC percentages
  • CBD rich strains are more commonly sativas
  • Known more as ‘daytime strains’ since being more focused and awake without as much myrcene
  • Munchies are not as common. Good for folks on a diet or watching calories.  Strains like ‘Skinny Bitch Kush” are bred specifically for this reason.

Individual Body Chemistry Has Huge Role

Negative response varies person to person also strain to strain with higher percentages causing stronger reactions.  Some disorders such as ADHD/ADD can cause ganja to have opposite effect as the norm.  Personal body chemistry plays a huge role in how weed will react therefore the type of buzz incurred. 

Be Aware, Exercise Moderation & Have Fun

Be aware and exercise moderation starting slow with awareness that some strains creep up slowly while others will hit like a trainwreck.  No pun intended, great strain =) 

        List Of Popular Sativas

Candyland                         Strawberry Cough

Jack Herer                        Sour Tangie

Bruce Banner                    Lemon Skunk

Agent Orange                           Ak-47

Skunk #1                          Acapulco Gold

Blue Dream                           Kali Mist

Super Lemon Haze           Purple Haze

J1                                         Maui Wowie

Trinity                                Juicy Fruit

NYC Diesel Sour Diesel 

Haze                                  Super Silver Haze

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