Scooby Snacks

Scooby Snacks Brings Out Dank Dawg

Rare stinky weed. Not rare as in hard to find. Yet the unusual over the top odor of skunky baby fart reeking ganja that gives stoners like us goose bumps.

“Damn, that’s Good…”

In my opinion it would do the same for folks who do not even partake in cannabis. For example, my mom who does not like weed at all would say “ Damn that’s the good shit!”.

Try To Find B-Buds

Usually pretty expensive top shelf bud. Often jimmyinspazZz tries to find really expensive cannabis when it is b-buds usually less expensive with same quality buds. The catch is flower will be much smaller.

Great For Joints Not Anxiety

Great for breaking up and rolling joints. Very heavy high with a bit of heady and stoned combination. First half an hour being very animated which is probably not the best for those with high anxiety.

Favorite Strain jimmyinspazZz Tried In 2018

This settles into a pretty heavy couch lock resulting in the typical munchies zone out One of the top strains that I tried last year so I would suggest it combining Face OG and Platinum GSC

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