Sidetracked Cannabis By jimmyinspazZzLineage: Silver Train X GG #4


Sidetracked Cannabis Smells And Tastes Great

Sidetracked cannabis tastes and smells great.  Always a good sign of quality cannabis when the smell translates into taste perfectly.  Sweet and piney go together like a charm creating a ticklish burns so good in back of throat which erupts into a steady motivated buzz.Sidetracked (Grasslands) by jimmyinspazZz (1)

Slightly Anxious, Very Focused With Nice Easy Come Down

Folks who have anxiety with sativa strains might avoid this one.  That being said this ganja strain Sidetracked is very focused and functional.  This weed buzz also last a decent amount of time a good two hours per three or four hits of the pipe.  The come down from this high is very easy with a slow tapering off and no hangover effect the next day.Would be good medicinally for ADHD/ADD and depression.


jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Sidetracked at 154 Lawrence St in Eugene Oregon at Grasslands Dispensary.





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