Skunkberry Cannabis Strain Review By jimmyinspazZz

Lineage: Pure Kush and Blueberry F1

Pure Kush is a phenotype of Skunk #1

Skunkberry is exactly as envisioned with a Pure Kush X Blueberry F1. Pure Kush by itself, before getting frisky popping the Blueberry’s pistols is a calm lightweight buzz with Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.

Pure Kush

Ie Kush is boring. Indicas with heavy handed body effects n fact Purfrom my experience tend to creep up. It is barely noticeable that you just smoked bud so puffing a little more makes sense.


A Few Slow Motion Giggles

A few slow motion giggles or sentimental words while making the shape of a circle around your good friends bellybutton. Random lollygaggings pull the stoned gourd known as our cranial cavity.


Space Behind Our Face

Space behind our face. Dome. Anything but ‘head” let’s save the heady for the sativa strains. To name a few of these sleepy medicinal indicas ‘Night Nurse’ and ‘Nine Pound Hammer’ both come to mind.


Blueberry Cannabis

Blueberry is also mellow and very medicinal. It can also be a social indica with a euphoric slightly heady feel to the dreamy high. For folks who do not like a very strong smell or flavor this strain is perfect.

Light Sweet Smoke

Light sweet smoke that immediately starts to work any tension from the body. The head follows soon there after just give yourself a minute to play with the long sparkly buds. Take a minute to tear the flower apart and try to distinctly smell the skunk and blueberries separately.

Sweet Baby Powder Smell

It might just be my nose but I can smell them and distinctly separate. When terpenes from each combine they equal each other out to a faint sweet baby powder smell. Great strain for novice or those looking to not get too high.


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