Skunkzilla Photograph by jimmyinspazZz

Skunkzilla Sensimilla Strain

Lineage: Original Skunk X Hulk X Cannzila

Skunkzilla offers a buzz which is active without the edgy vibe which sometimes accompanies sativa dominant flower.  Nothing stellar in my opinion about the flavor.  Tasted a bit like hay and skunk with some fruit jam spread throughout, but not much sweet flavor.

Skunkzilla Cannabis Buzz Not Strong;Can Cause Energy Or Couch Lock

Buzz was not very strong.  This is when I learned that smoking a little offers a nice uplifting energy yet just a little more toking causes couch lock.  This caused a little frustration because there can never really be an optimal buzz for anyone who smokes heavily.

Great For Novices And Rolling Joints

The silver lining being this would be great for novice smokers or folks intent on being sedated and not so energized.  Skunzilla has beautiful dense buds which roll up into joints with ease and smokes thick and heady.





Sensimilla strain Skunkzilla was purchased by jimmyinspazZz at Twentyafterfour on 420 Blair Boulevard in Eugene Oregon.



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