Slimer Cannabis Review By jimmyinsppazZz

Slimer is slightly indica dominant 60/40 cannabis combining Ghost OG and White Fire OG says Leafly. Another reliable website stated Twisty Treat Seeds bred Chernobyl Vs Creamsicle to produce a ‘Slimer’.

There is no doubt they both could be correct. Some strains have several different lineages to get to final results which can be strikingly familiar. In the same regard a plant with the same lineage can have different characteristics based on how it was grown.

Not sure which Slimer ganja I have had? Possibly both because whenever my favorite Ghostbuster is on the menu it is snatched up. Usually not over the top expensive albeit worthy of top shelf prices.

Great unique flavor standing on its own compared to every other but I’ve tried. Bud structure is solid, long and dense easy to spot with light green hue. Mellow stoned buzz with heavy munchies.

Slimer Cannabis
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