Sour Kush



Lineage For Sour Kush:

Sour DieselX OG Kush

Sour Diesel: Original Diesel X DNL

DNL: Northern Lights #5 X {Skunk #1 X Hawaiian} 

OG Kush: Chemdawg x {Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush, Pakistan} 

Sour Kush Is Sativa Dominant With a Amped Up Euphoric Buzz

Sour Kush is a combination of Sour Diesel, a sativa and OG Kush, a hybrid to produce a phenomenal sativa dominant 80/20 cannabis strain.  Not for the anxiety prone at all because the buzz is racey & euphoric.  Nice tight buds that crumble up great for joints or blunts.  Flower is coated with orange hairs giving her a reddish appearance with a definite  sour taste.  Medium pain relief, migraine specialty with strong munchies.

jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Sour Kush at Twenty After Four Wellness located at 420 Blair Blvd in fabulous Whitaker in Eugene *Oregon



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