Space Monkey #18 Sensimilla

By jimmyinspazZz

Lineage: Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) X Wookie #15

Space Monkey #18 cannabis by jimmyinspazZz PhotographySpace Monkey #18 cannabis by jimmyinspazZz Photography

Slightly Indica With Flexible Buzz

Space Monkey #18 sensimilla leans toward the indica side of spectrum ever so slightly.  Some indica dominant strains carry more of the sedation than others making them less functional.  Often though getting our daily life activities and goals completed we need to have a headspace that functions. 

Space Monkey 18 by jimmyinspazZz Photography


Temporary Relief With Smoking More Cannabis Not Extending Buzz

This  ganja strain provides relief for such days.  A positive attitude coupled with mild to severe pain relief  Space Monkey will give reprieve for a few hours.  Around an hour and half into the high was when the lag would set in for me.  Something I noticed about this weed was that smoking more did not help extend the buzz.  Partaking in more only made me super couch locked.

Thick, Delicious Gassy Smoke With Good Cough

It being only a temporary relief the daily plans such be adjusted accordingly.  The flavor reminds of the strain Carpet Tape with gassy more hearty than sweet palette.  Thick delicious smoke that is strong on the cough factor.  Not harsh so when the cough is quickly finished the buzz which ensues will take any effect needed by user.


Very Malleable Weed High With General Happiness & Body Numbing for Pain Relief

Very malleable of a weed high the ability to sleep just as much of a option as climbing a mountain.  The constant element with Space Monkey is a general sense of happiness and strong numbing body waves.  If used recreationally this may not be as apparent.  Those using this cannabis strain for medicine will clearly appreciate this relaxing and gentle pain softening.

jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Space Monkey #18 in fabulous Eugene Oregon at Oregon Cannabis Outlet located at 1321 Willamette Street.


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