Starberry Cannabis Photograph by jimmyinspazZz

Starberry is a smooth sailing indica dominant 70/30 strain which combines the genetivs of Sensi Star with Blueberry.  Both of those strains have a fruity taste and mellow relaxed buzz making Starberry twice the tasty chillout.  Buds are dense and beautiful full of almost every color possible in nugget.
Very medicinal for all the obvious choices insomnia, moderate pain relief, anxiety, but also especially great for PMS.  A good friend swears by this strain when dealing with the blessing of being a lady.  She especially prefers the bath salts with very positive results at easing cramping.Starberry Indica weed ganja original photography by jimmyinspazZz Cannabis of indica variety is 0.5%+ in terpene myrcene
Starberry Indica Hybrid by jimmyinspazZz

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