Super Skunk Strain Review By jimmyinspazZz

Super Skunk Lineage is Skunk #1 (Mexican X Colombian X Afghani landraces) X Afghani landrace.

Super Skunk was backcrossed.  ‘Backcrossing’ is when a hybrid strain with 2 or more parents is crossed with one of the parents.  In this case Afghani

Super Skunk is great example of medical and recreation Overlap

Super Skunk is an awesome indica leaning strain.  This bud is all about the powerhouse buzz that completely feels medicinal giving supreme pain relief. There are key concepts that are meditated on each time a cannabis strain is reviewed by jimmyinspazZz.  Someday in the near future I will post the whole process.

One of them is whether a strain is medicinal, recreational or both.  This is an area that might seem cut and dry to express and in some strain’s cases it is straight up.  For example,  ‘Nine Pound Hammer’ is phenomenal medicine with sleep inducing characteristics, very numbing.  Not at all a party weed, ‘Hammer’ will kill a party being pure sedative.

In Perspective Recreation Is Medicine

Most ganja has at least one or two medicinal attribute up to hundreds.  When the strains become familiar this knowledge allows for tailoring cannabis strain mixtures to heal our distinct ailments.  As time goes on the line between recreational and medicinal blur even more.  What I mean by that is now that the drug war is not enveloping all viewpoints with dishonest fear mongering it is clear recreation is medicine. 

Super Skunk drives that point home being great for stomach issues, impotence, eating disorders, ADHD, headaches, muscle soreness, pain.  At the same time it brings out the giggles before heavy stoned feeling settles in.  Can really lift the mood when spirits are down without a hangover effect next day

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