Lineage : Trainwreck X Pre 98 Bubba KushDaywalker cannabis by jimmyinspazZz

This strain is pretty darn amazing. A taste that supersedes the smell which is already strong with a pine overtop of pine stacked onto a flat earthy base. Burn in back of throat is the exact type jimmyinspazZz adores for the burn is not cough expectorating at all.

Throat Tickle Spreads Into Body Straight To Head Relaxing Muscles While Passing Through

Maybe a little hack will burst out in surprise of the strange tickle in back of throat which spreads into chest radiating warmly through rest of body. The way it is very similar to an Indica except the strain go straight to the head after relaxing every muscle it passes through on the way up.

Daywalker Soothes Soul & Excites Sense Of Euphoria

Daywalker soothes soul & excites sense of euphoria which makes it a mellow sativa. That smooth has a trade off though in that this sativa lacks focus. So plan to be doing many things but probably not getting much accomplished.

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