Trainwreck Hybrid Cannabis Strain By jimmyinspazZz Photography

Train wreck Cannabis by jimmyinspazZz Photography

Lineage: {Mexican and Thai Landraces) X Afghani Landrace

Heady flower that leans much more toward sativa side with an energetic and focused buzz. Trainwreck is much more sativa dominant than leafly a popular cannabis website lets on.  At higher percentages this can lead to a racier high which can be very enjoyable if energy is exerted properly. Great strain for ADD/ADHD.

Mexican and Thai are both sativas. Afghani is an indica flower.

Good as a mood stabilizer because of strong ability to lift spirits without making user tired. Trainwreck leaves plenty of productive time before settling into a more relaxed “couch lock” feeling eventually settled into. All around excellent pain medicine.  Should also be noted as appetite enhancer.

Landraces are original strains that are bred together to make hybrids.

Taste is nothing remarkable, a lemon-diesel-ammonia blend with some pine hint every once in a while.  It is common for this flower to taste and smell different depending on how grown. Smell and taste are very familiar to me causing a nostalgic feeling for early days of smoking bud back in PA. Flower is fluffier to medium dense smoking beautifully in joints. 

jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Trainwreck at Oregon Medigreen at 570 Lawrence St #112, Eugene OG at 2045 Franklin Blvd and the now closed Serra all in Eugene Oregon.

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