UK Cheese Cannabis Short Review

By jimmyinspazZz

Hybrid weed hybridized ganja original photography by jimmyinspazZz Hybridized cannabis combines both genetics of sativa and indica flower varieties

UK Cheese Great For Mild Pain relief

UK Cheese is a mild strain that has low to medium pain relief.  Excellent for those migraines that are just beginning to get rid of before they progress.  Not so valuable if headache sufferer waits until in full migraine has developed.  UK Cheese relaxes muscles without overly relaxing the mind.

UK Cheese Buzz Functional & Tasty

 UK Cheese can taste sweet, tangy, fruity, or spicy depending on how it is grown.  Often exhibiting all of these traits at once this hybrid is multidimensional in flavor.  Buzz is consistent always being mild enough for a novice user.  Percentages in general are not high being in high teens to low twenties.  This makes UK Cheese functional for work or play taking off the edge without putting the high over the edge.


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