White Funk Sensimilla

By jimmyinspazZz

White Funk by jimmyinspazZz is a sativa dominant 80/20 hybrid which mainly a recreational ganja strain with a great focus medicinally on headaches and migraines created by crossing White Kush with Sour Diesel

Lineage: White Kush X Sour Diesel

A wonderful active cannabis strain White Funk sensimilla was created by breeding White Kush with Sour Diesel by Gage Green Genetics.


White Kush Cannabis Is Sativa Dominant 80/20; Middleground Feeling Buzz

White Kush is sativa dominant 80/20  with a strong middleground buzz to it.  For me that means it would be excellent for folks just trying cannabis.  It would also be pleasant for times when a overt high is not needed or wanted.  The effect being mild even when smoking a lot.


Each Strain Reacts Differently With 113 Cannabinoids, 100 Plus Terpenes & 27 Cannaflavins Reacting With Our Human Biochemistry

Every strain has a different effect with different body chemistries reacting biochemically with 113 cannabinoids, around 100 terpenes/terpenoids in ganja, and 27 cannaflavins the results are an astronomical number of combinations.  Add to all that chaotic math algorithm the fact that every strain has different amounts of each phytochemical depending on environment grown.  That is not saying that any of those variables will be dramatically different.  Scientific facts are a good compass to gauge the effects and discuss cannabis which until the current political climate consisted of ‘heady’ and stony’ or ‘dank’ and schwag’.

Too Early To Disagree With ‘Entourage Effect’ With Science Being Proof Not Humans Medicinal Compass To Sensimilla

All the critics can have their say, but the ‘entourage effect’ may not have been scientifically proven through correlation the relationship of these biochemical effects on each other this is true.  With all research being dependent on once again the political climate we are just learning about these nuances within the ganja plant.  Finding out the reaction they have to one another the next step in that process and furthermore learning effect on the third piece of data human chemistry. 

Sharing Experience Of Strains Us Stoners Can Mitigate Negative Effects For Other

This is where the average stoner having been out in the field testing, growing and experiencing long before dispensaries came into play are so important.  There is no doubt that each aspect would have a different outcome as an ‘entourage’  of different structures than alone so openly discussing each effect mitigates many negative effects.  By avoiding these dramas which will further blemish the image of a valuable yet misunderstood medicine. 


White Funk Great Way To Start Cannabis Love Affair Albeit A little Zest With Cough

Science did not lead us to the sensimilla plant which was an asset for mankind longer than we have kept track of or studied science for that matter.  Humans natural instincts aided by evolution pulled us into this symbiotic love affair.  White Funk is a great way to start that love affair.  The taste is mild with a spicy baby powder vibe with Sour Diesel being the culprit for zest biting in back of throat. 

This burn might make folks cough for a round or two.  My opinion as stated before is the cough really can set a high in motion.  Stronger on taste than with smell which is almost non existent until cracking the bud open.  Flower was medium sized with a perfect consistency of not overly fluffy or too dense to roll into joints.  No anxiety, no focus, a little giggly with a whole bunch of munchies that settles into a couch lock around 45 minutes to an hour into buzz.








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