Wookie Girl 91 by jimmyinspazZz Photography

Lineage: Wookie 91 (GSC X White 99) X Valley Girl (SFV OG X Face Off OG)

Wookie Girl 91 ganja strain is downright wonderful cannabis with a hearty diesel flavor that burns and tickles in all the right places.  A huge fan of the ‘Wookie’ strains with a distinctly heavy buzz that last for hours.  Steady high that lays it on thick and stays around for a long time.  It is always nice when we long period of time has gone by without thinking of pain or whatever reason for getting stoned.

Sweet, Savory Top Shelf Bud

Taste is the same in every strain crossed with the original ‘Wookie.  Strain aroma is hard to place, but to describe it would be hearty, not sweet with musky darkness. The taste is a \ bit like steak sauce.  Smells awesome to me personally with a pull toward anything ‘Wookie’ on the shelf.  Issue often being that shelf is the top one with grams at $14 and up.Wookie Girl 91 by jimmyinspazZz Photography

Extravagant Long Lasting (Not Functional) Medicine

Wookie and offspring are very worth it when my budget can afford such extravagences. Exactly what this ganja is with a super high ceiling allowing the user to get stoned for long periods.  This can put folks at ease who have pain issues involved with being seated for any length of time.  Only issue is the indica effects are strong and heavy making this strain in the ‘not functional’ category for majority.

Dank And Moist Sensimilla

Flower itself is a darker green with slight brownish-red hue.  Nuggets are tight with sticky moist that prevents this strain from drying out thus burning away overtly fast.  Taking the good with bad Wookie Girl 91 is hard to smoke in joint form due to going out every hit.  Dank sensimilla that goes a long way with unique savory flavor leaves happy campers emerging from the clouds.


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