Zkittles Review by jimmyinspazZz

Thought-Tastebud BDSM
This strain is fantastic in so many ways that it tongue ties me while typing which in itself is phenomenal. Is that mind strapping or thought-tastebud BDSM that this strain is so tasty just like the candy with a more cake like finish. In essence the Grapefruit and Grape Ape is obvious yet still so dynamic that the third strain doesn’t even matter. Although still curious with a few hunches the only problem is this is some super stony herb so once I’ve pinpointed the strain it gets lost in the super highway of my overactive mind.
Indica Numbing Puzzle Antichrist Diatribe

The indica body numbing is very heavy so no operating heavy machinery or trying to put any puzzle over 50 pieces together (and that is pushing it). But keep in mind there is a bias because to me puzzles are close to the antichrist. If any of the readers have ever worked in a nursing or geriatric home where a puzzle piece went missing they can vouch for this claim of instant hell breaking loss. Many, many a sweet old grandma has perished by the darkness lurking at the end of each unfinished puzzle.
Zkittles by jimmyinspazZz
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